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Welcome to Octave. Affordable back care seating solutions.

About Octave

Designed specifically for the modern office environment, Octave sets a very high standard in both its ergonomic credentials and aesthetic design. Octave celebrates these two qualities with a simple design idea of creating a contemporary task chair range to suit every work environment and cater for the needs of every user. Octave addresses everyday posture and occupational issues and offers the benefit of sound ergonomic principles that fits every size and shape found in today’s workplace.

Octave is being prescribed by Occupational Health Practitioners and recommended as a preventative and curative solution to musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace. Support for the lower back and the upper neck and shoulders is absolutely paramount when sitting at the workstation, therefore the ability of the chair to adapt to individual postures is absolutely key in ensuring the right support.


Ergonomics at Work

Sitting at the workstation is not natural for the human body, it’s no wonder an estimated 12.3 million days a year are lost through musculoskeletal disorders. Our sitting posture can effect quite dramatically how we feel and how we perform; good support increases our well being and can improve our productivity.

Slouching at the workstation is a big contributor to back pain. The pelvis rotates backwards, changing the shape of the spine to a ‘C’ shape. Holding this posture is detrimental to intervertebral discs and to the lower back muscles. 

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